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This is very last minute, but im heading home tomorrow after an incredible trip here in Nica.  I speak very little espanol, other than please, thank you, and nice to meet you. However, people have been so patient  and helpful that up until now, ive had no trouble getting around and have learned quite a bit during my short trip. Ive taken some chicken busses which i really like, but most long transport has been via taxi or Paxeos (who are fantastic). To save a few dollars and since ive been comfortable with the local transport options, ive planned to take an expresso bus from Granada tomorrow morning to La UCA then get a cab to the airport from there. Seemed like a good idea until my local dinner buddy told me it was terribly unsafe. Id like to save by spending $7 this way rather than the $18 to take Paxeos as well as have an extra couple hours in Granada, but if its really unsafe, the money isnt that big an issue and neither is spending 2 extra  hours in the airport. Any advice from those whove done it before? Muchas Gracias!!

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Re: Last minute advice - Granada to MGA Airport via public bus/taxi
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2009, 04:52:24 pm »
Hola Teresab,
In light of your willingness to use local transportation during your stay, I would say don't stop now. I travel all over Nicaragua using local transportation (I've never used Paxeos or any other formalized transportation company). The micro bus from Granada to UCA is about as easy as it gets. Once you get to the station across from UCA there will be no shortage of taxistas asking if you need a ride. Take your time deciding whose car you get into. A newer car or a more mature looking man are usually a good bet. That ride can cost up to C$80 ($4). Have a safe trip home!  Jessica (Oooops, looks like you may have already left Nicaragua. Well, for what it's worth to someone else...)


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Re: Last minute advice - Granada to MGA Airport via public bus/taxi
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2009, 02:57:29 pm »
Jessica - thanks so much for your reply! Didnt get your advice before i left, but did exactly as you suggested and it worked just fine.  Initially, i had a few concerns on my trip non-spanish speaking female traveling alone. So as feedback for any other travelers in a similar situation, i suggest Paxeos if you are uncomfortable on chicken/express buses or are traveling at night by yourself. If you have a little time to be flexible (i gave myself 2 hours to get from Granada to the airport), if its daytime, and you dont get overwhelmed when bombarded by taxi drivers wanting your business, the express bus and a taxi is the way to go!  Taxi was $5 and the bus was $1 vs. $30 taxi from Granada or $18 Paxeos shuttle. The chicken buses were one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Thanks so much for all the help to everyone who chimed in on my trip itinerary and questions like this! Wishing i was still there rather than back at my desk job in cold Seattle. Happy Travels!